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Björn Thomasson has been messing around with boats all his life:designing,building,using-from a childhood punt,built from the top of an ancient blacksmith's bellows and barely floating,to a 36ft. ketch.The last twenty years it has been mostly about kayaks.Whether it is padding in all seasons along the coasts of Scandinavia ,clocking up around 1500km annully ;or writing about padding,kayaks and design for printed and online magazines; or talking and teaching classes at Symposia ,meetings and conferences.Bj?rn is steeped in the world of kayaks and everything about them.

His main occupation is craft design.Most of his plans are shipped to amateur builders and become woodstrip kayaks,canoes or small boats,but he also has a number of commercial assignments,notably in kayaks and surfskis.Bj?rn shares his thoughts :"When designing ,I want to make things that are both necessary and useful-but also I want to make them beautiful Technology and art often come together to create the most innovative forms,blending top notch functionality with simple,uncluttered design.My inspiration comes from traditions(very little is really new ,just improved upon)and from nature- after all,nature had a head start on problem solving by some 3.8billon years!"

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